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Sep 30, 2022

Sometimes a child's parent goes beyond the stereotypical defaming of the other parent. When this happens we have to think of this process as similar to the type of programming associated with a cult. 


Sep 23, 2022

Have you ever wondered what is the most important question in psychotherapy? No spoilers here just check out the conversation!



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Sep 16, 2022

Sometimes it is important to try and re-focus our perspective. A great deal of anxiety is about the privilege we enjoy because of the place we live. Trying to understand that concept can help us consider how the perspective of the world at large. Refocusing is an essential tool for reducing anxiety. 


Sep 9, 2022

For most, the goal of therapy is to increase your self-understanding. The only way to truly do this is through honest self-reflection.



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Sep 2, 2022

How our bodies experience and process stress and anxiety are important considerations when examining situations like police shootings. It is also important for therapists to understand when working with clients who have experienced trauma.