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Nov 30, 2018

Norman Rockwell attempted to capture his impression of the New England town in which he lived in his paintings. These works embody for some a snapshot of our "Best America". Rockwell's paintings of Christmas images and his Saturday Evening Post covers are idealized images of the perfect Christmas ideal for many. But is...

Nov 23, 2018

It is often difficult to know how many gifts to give to your child or how much to spend. We discuss the topic and provide insight into gift-giving in general and at holiday time specifically. 

Nov 16, 2018

Over the holidays we all face the challenge of having to deal with difficult individuals. We discuss ways of facing this challenge and getting through the holidays in the spirit of hope. The author of the book referenced by Dr. Mahon is Gary Chapman and a link to information about the five love languages along with...

Understanding Emotional Regulation

Nov 13, 2018

Understanding Emotional Regulation


No one ever went to see a therapist because they had a problem. That is a bold statement but it is true. People go to therapy because a problem they have causes them to be emotionally dysregulated. If you can emotionally regulate then you can deal with any problem no matter how...

Counter Transference in Therapy

Nov 11, 2018

Counter Transference

I had an interesting discussion with a colleague the other day.  This colleague was talking about a client that he was having trouble liking.  According to him, this client triggered an immediate dislike and aversion whenever they came into the office.  So he asked me, “Ethically, what should I do...