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Being human is hard. Let Psych with Mike be your users guide to make it a little easier. Psych with Mike began as a radio show on KFTK 97.1 FM in St Louis, Missouri back in January of 2017. The show ran through the year until December of 2017. By the end of 2017 because of medical issues in the family, Dr. Mahon was unable to devote the time to the show that he felt was necessary to create a quality product. In late 2018 while talking with a close friend, Brett Newcomb, Michael decided it was time to bring Psych with Mike back but as a podcast. The technology of producing a quality podcast made the idea of transitioning Psych with Mike to this forum very attractive. Brett and Michael had wanted to work on a project together for many years and so the Psych with Mike podcast was the obvious solution.

Psych with Mike is a podcast that brings the experience of two seasoned Psychotherapists, University Professors, Clinical Supervisors, and parents together to share their clinical and life wisdom with the listener to help explore the significant issues of being human. Mike and Brett share their 70+ years of combined professional practice to contribute practical, logical and workable solutions for the issues and struggles of the modern lifestyle. 

Listen to the podcast. Subscribe to the RSS feed to get alerted to new episodes. Like the @psychwithmike Facebook page. Follow Mike on Twitter @psychwithmike. Listen to episodes from the radio show here:

Send any comments about the show or questions/suggestions you would like Mike and Brett to address to them via the contact link. Thank you for listening, we wish you good mental health.

- Dr. Michael E. Mahon

- Mr. Brett Newcomb